Monday, November 7, 2016

TJ's 5th Birthday Party Favours

For TJ's 5th Birthday Party, he asked for a Halloween Party with games and crafts.

So we played pin the smile on the skeleton, hot pumpkin, pumpkin bean bag toss, pumpkin ring toss, musical chairs and the children got to bust open a pinata. 

For the crafts, I had colouring pages for them to colour, foam crafts, wooden bats to colour and I made up the above plain scrapbook page for the children to decorate themselves with a bunch of die-cuts that I had prepared for them.

When each child arrived to the party, I took a picture of them with my son. After they glued on their die-cuts to their 8 x 8 scrapbooking page, I glued their photo with TJ onto the page for them to take home with them.

As part of their loot bags, I made them ghost lollipops and bat purple chocolates.

I also made the banner for TJ's party; which he absolutely loved.

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