Wednesday, January 29, 2020

TJ's Classmate Treats

My son & I try to make something for his classmates for all the holidays, including the popular holiday of The Last Day of School before summer break.

When my daughter was in school, I could make whatever I wanted to make for her classmates. She wasn't particular about what it was; which was great for me because then I could play with whatever was tickling my fancy at that time.

My son isn't so "easy going" about his holiday treats for his classmates. He is very particular on what he wants to give his friends.

Sometimes it is the candy, sometimes it is the theme & sometimes it is the whole design.

This is great that he puts thought into his gift giving, he gets that from I really can't complain. It is a bit annoying sometimes when there is something that I really want to make & he isn't feeling it.

In June 2019, I made the Hello Summer Mike & Ike goodie bags for his last day of Grade 2. Pretty simple because I wasn't feeling well at the time...but I had already bought all these Mike & Ikes for the goodie bags & didn't want them hanging around the house for me to eat. 

The Reindeer Finger Puppet & Bookmark was a design that I bought from Digital Gems. These were a big hit with my son's Grade 3 Classmates for their Christmas goodie in December 2019.

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