Saturday, April 14, 2018

Dad's 77th Birthday Gifts

My dad's 77th Birthday Gifts

In the previous post, I explained why I did a Pittsburgh Penguin/Paul Coffey Birthday Party for my dad this year.

I made him I Golf Cart Gift Card Holder to go with the theme of my party.

My dad enjoys my family and I chipped in and got him a gift card for golfing for his birthday.

At the Chapples Golf Course, there is no discount for seniors until you turn 75 and once you do turn don't just get a Senior's get a Super Senior's Discount. That is what they call it.

So, of course, I had to incorporate that piece of information into my design.

I got the SVG for the Golf Cart from SVG Cutting Files.

The present was a gift from my 6 year old son, TJ, to his Papa.

TJ insisted on having his own gift for Papa and look what we found on Penguin Golf Tees!

Now my dad can think of me every time he golfs...I am sure he is going to be breaking a lot of tees when he does...wink...wink.

I taught TJ how to wrap his present and he did a great job!

The funny thing dad is the one who taught me how to wrap presents.

TJ wanted to personalize the gift while I was designing party favours on my Cricut...TJ was decorating his gift wrap and I think he did an amazing job!

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  1. This. is. beyond. awesome!!! Too fun and I love how you personalized it. TJ - awesome job on wrapping Papa's present - I love the artwork and the way you made the ball look like its moving!! Super job!