Tuesday, September 25, 2012

G & G's 70th Favours & Flowers

For my grandparents' 70th Anniversary Party, I made 100 of the jelly bean party favours to hand out to all the guests that attended.

My grandpa is known for his sweet tooth and he has always had a candy dish for us to raid when we visit them. Since the candies had to match the colours of the party, I did jelly bean bags because they were the only candy that I could find that matched the decor.

From the Heart Florist made up my grandma's corsage and my grandpa's boutinniere. They are real white roses that I used my copic air brushing system to add the teal colour to. The ink did not rub off at all.

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to From the Heart Florist. They are the flower shop that I always go to. Not just because they are just around the corner from me, but they always do a beautiful job and offer great service. 

They have been helping me out during the flood. In the scrapbooking industry, if you don't pre-order new lines, you don't get them. With the store being closed due to the flood, From the Heart Florist has been accepting all of my orders for me so that I can still order the new lines in for when I open up. So, thank you very much.

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