Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ellena - A Good Friend Forever

Ellena lost her battle with cancer on Wednesday, November 3, 2010.

She was one of the strongest, creative, stubborn, caring, giving & beautiful person that I have ever had the pleasure of not only knowing, but who I had the honour of calling my friend.

The first 2 cards in this post are the cards that I made to go with the flowers that we all went in on for her funeral.

The "Owl Card" was attached to a big bouquet of Sunflowers that were placed in a two foot tall vase. Sunflowers were her favourite flower.

The "Thinking of You" Card was attached to a gorgeous wicker basket filled with an arrangement of Gerbera Daisies, Roses, Sunflowers & other various flowers all in rich Fall colours.

I received the "Thank You" Card in the mail this week from her husband & daughter.

We had so many people generously go in on the flowers for the funeral, that we had $100.00 leftover and I donated it towards our DAT'S Fall Yap 'N' Scrap 17 Hour Crop for the Northern Cancer Fund - Chemotherapy in Honour of Ellena Esteves.

With the $100.00 donation, ticket sales, t-shirt sales, pop sales & 50/50 draw at our Yap 'N' Scrap, we raised $835.00 for the Northern Cancer Fund - Chemotherapy in Honour of Ellena Esteves. Thank you to everyone who supported our event.

In honour of Ellena, we put in a Stampin' Up order the same weekend as the Yap 'N' Scrap and used all the Hostess Rewards to purchase products for our next Charity Stamping Yard Sale with a Twist. We were able to purchase $135.00 in products and we earned two Level Three Hostess Reward Sets. Again, thank you to everyone who placed an order.

When we add in our Charity Stamping Party donations, we raised $1,745.00 for the Northern Cancer Fund - Chemotherapy in Honour of Ellena Esteves and $905.00 in Hostess Rewards from Stampin' Up to purchase products for our next Charity Stamping Party.

I have one more favour to ask of all of you in helping me honour my very good friend, Ellena. With her in mind: take time for yourself & make a card, do something fun with your family, call up a friend & tell them how much they mean to you, give $5.00 to the next charity that knocks on your door and no matter how bad things get...hold your head up high...keep a smile on your face...fight like hell...and never give up hope.

Ellena: I love my birthday gift (a duplicate necklace of yours - the one I fell in love with the first time I saw it). When you gave it to me, you said it was so I could always have a piece of you with me. Honey, I didn't need it to have a piece of you with me. You will ALWAYS be a part of me. I have learned so much from you & I will always cherish our friendship. I love you.


  1. Love the cards! I can't even read this post without crying!

  2. Beautiful post Donna and good advice. I can see by all the love that Ellena was a lovely woman and loved by many. Cherish your memories. Glad to see you back :-)

  3. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful friend. We will remember all we learned from her, laughed about and how to be strong and courageous. Friends are forever.
    Love you,
    Shanna :)

  4. What a beautiful post...I didn't know Ellena and I couldn't make it through your post without crying! I am truly sorry for your loss of a wonderful and amazing friend!
    Love Lisa Westerman