Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thanksgiving Picture My Life Style Layout

This year I started a Thanksgiving Album. My younger brother's birthday and my birthday normally lands on Thanksgiving weekend or near it. So, Thanksgiving Dinner is a real big celebration for our family and means a lot to me.

This year I had everyone at our Thanksgiving Dinner fill out what they were thankful for; excluding family & friends because everyone is thankful for that. I took everyone's photo to go with their thankful card and I have put it into an album.

The above photos are a sample of what the thankful for page looks like and then my last page of this year's festivities as an over view/collage layout. I won't be posting all the pages because I forgot to get permission from everyone to be able to post their photos on social media.

Amy didn't get her card filled out because we ran out of cards at the dinner and I forgot to get her to fill one out when we got home.

I just put these pages together last night and she was performing last night with her school's band and jazz band. Her and her friends came back to our place & most of them slept over. So, I will get her to fill out her card once all her friends have gone home.

If you want to know what I used to make the thankful for cards, here is my original post of my Thankful For Card Box:


  1. I'm loving this pocket page style of scrapbooking - i have 3 albums on the go and work on them periodically!! It's something that I can do a bit at a time and still feel like I'm accomplishing something :)